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Kaylie started exploring the world of arts and performing when she began to play violin at 7 years old. This artistic expression became a huge passion for her, and she quickly started playing music in bands, orchestras throughout her school years. When she left home to travel she met a circus performing troupe, and played music for their performances.

This was the beginning of a new avenue of performing, and being always eager to learn new things she stated learning circus arts. Things began slowly with stilt walking, but once she started spinning S-staffs in 2012 she knew she had found more than a hobby.


Flow arts and fire spinning quickly became a lifestyle as Kaylie traveled globally teaching and performing this slightly obscure prop called ‘buugeng’ or 's-saff', helping others discover new ways to move and manipulate this object. She quickly became known worldwide as the pioneer of buugeng balancing and contact buugeng.


Her skills in object manipulation extend to include a proficiency in nearly all props including juggling, dragon staff, double staff, fans, hoops, prop balance and much more.


During a circus journey Kaylie had the wonderful opportunity to take full time circus courses in Melbourne, Australia. She specialized in aerial rope, and also studied act development, partner acrobatics and much more. Her aerial abilities extend farther than just rope, as she started to play on trapeze, lyra, and silks, though rope remains her favourite.


Kaylie is working towards creating a unique brand of performance that merges sideshow arts, dance, and circus while bringing the audience on an inspirational and meaningful journey. She wants to leave the audience with a clear message portrayed through unforgettable entertainment. 


This fusion is best seen through her sword swallowing act `Mask`, you can see the video here.

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