Kaylie Kreatrix has a wide range of acts ranging from incredible feats and emotional journeys to smouldering sensuality and strange sideshow. Her versatility and professionalism is unmatched, as she transitions from captivating audiences, to shocking them, to stirring up moving emotions.She loves to create custom acts, so please reach out with your ideas!

Kaylie is available to travel worldwide or for extended contracts.


With multiple different sword swallowing acts and characters you are sure to find a rare, unforgettable experience for your audience. As one of Canada's few sword swallowers Kaylie's uniqueskill set is sought worldwide.

Kaylie combines sword swallowing with fire eating, knife juggling, and dance in ways that are totally unique and sure to leave a lasting impression.

Act duration: 4-5 minutes

With an unbelievable display of body control and polished showmanship, Kaylie's various sword swallowing acts will leave audiences amazed at the potential of the human body. Her acts combine various classic sideshow skills including knife juggling, 'blockhead', and fire eating into a truly unforgettable audience experience.

Her knife juggling and sword swallowing act can be seen here.

Her performance art piece can be seen here.


Fire shows are a sure way to impress! These well choreographed acts can be tailored to any style of event, be it wedding or a dance club, audience will be mesmerized the entire time.

Kaylie's shows can include fire eating, fire fleshing, fire spinning, and pyrotechnic displays. Perfect for outdoor or spacious indoor venues, Kaylie's expertise can adapt to most situations. 

Acts last between 3 and 10 minutes long.

Acts can be created tailored to specific songs on demand.

Watch an example of a solo act here.

Kaylie also works in a duet or larger groups. See an example here


The hypnotizing prop manipulation is a great alternative to hula hooping or juggling. It is versatile and easy to adapt to any stage,  and any theme. The beauty and ease of Kaylie's movements with the staff, combined with unbelievable balances, creates a memorable experience for all.

Acts can range from 3 to 10 minutes Also available for ambient roving characters.

See an example of Kaylie's act here.


Kaylie has many other skills that are available for hire.

Watch her promo here.


  • aerial rope

  • stilt walking

  • violin playing

  • partner acrobatics

  • burlesque dancing

If you would like a custom act please email your ideas here to discuss possibilities.

If you would like to book multiple ats, contact here for discounted rates.

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